Best Remedies and Cure for Acid Reflux


Acid RefluxAlthough there may not be an active cure for acid reflux, this condition can be controlled and eliminated through a series of lifestyle changes.

This is to say that, the only cure for acid reflux comes by understanding its causes, then avoiding the offenders to live free from the same.

The main reason for this is that, acid reflux occurs when acidic compounds find way back into the esophagus.The excess acidity can be as a result of consuming foods rich in the same, due to living an unhealthy lifestyle and habits, as well as other conditions.

Some Of The Best Cures For Acid Reflux Can Be Categorized Into:

1. Lifestyle Change:

Most people suffer from acid reflux because they lead unhealthy lifestyles. Due to their living styles, sphincter valves on the lower esophagus become weak, meaning they cannot hold food materials in the stomach back. This allows the foods to ooze back into the esophagus hence causing heartburn.

Some of the lifestyles that can cause GERD and heartburn effects include heavy drinking, smoking, and lack of body exercise. Obesity is another body condition known to cause lots of acid reflux among patients. Although not an active medication, changing your lifestyle for the better can make the acid reflux condition fade away, and eventually vanish into thin air after some time. To achieve this, you need to:

smokingA. Quit Smoking: Cigarette smoke contains acidic properties, which turn into acids once dissolved in saliva or moisture on the body.This can be a major cause for heartburn especially if one is a chain smoker. Once you quit smoking, the GERD offending factor is eliminated chances of suffering from acid reflux are reduced.

B. Start Exercising: This is effective for obese and overweight persons. Walking, jogging, swimming, or even riding is exercise enough to help the body burn excess fats. By exercising, these fats are respired to produce energy, which in return helps improve your body shape and immunity.

alcoholC. Reduce Alcohol Intake: Reducing alcohol intake or quitting it altogether, is an effective way of dealing with acid reflux. Alcohol contains sugars that have been fermented among other preservatives and additives.

These tend to alter the stomach’s PH levels, and weaken lower esophageal sphincter muscles and valves. Once you quit drinking, this factor is also eliminated, meaning heartburns will continue reducing remarkably.

D. Put On Loose Clothes: Tight clothes are some of the greatest GERD offenders among many people today. This is especially crucial if one is wearing a tight belt or cloth around the waist. Tight clothes force LES to bulge open allowing food and digestive juices through. It is for this reason why you are advised to put on loose clothes to prevent this.

2. Dietary Changes:

Many people suffer from acid reflux due to the foods they eat every day. Most of these foods contain GERD triggers that spike acidity in the body. The only way to deal with this is avoiding or reducing intake of the same, and focusing of healthier alkaline foods. Some of the foods you ought to do away with to avoid acids refluxes include deep fried foods, canned foods, preserved and factory-processed foods, fatty foods, alcohol and citrus fruits.

Acid RefluxAvoiding these foods is enough remedy to cure acid reflux over time, and provide a long-term healing effect. These foods will however have to be replaced with healthier foods that will facilitate recovery and healing of already damaged skin lining and tissues.

Some of the foods you ought to consider include whole grains, flaxseeds, chia seeds, brown bread, brown rice, fresh vegetables, lean meat, berries, almonds and spinach.

Vegetables and fruits are great sources of mineral and vitamins, all which work to reduce GERD effects and improve body immunity. In addition to this, fruits contain phytonutrients and vitamins, which also help normalize body functions hence fighting GERD effects.

3. Take Herbal Remedies:

Herbal remedies have long been used to treat GERD and other digestive ailments. These herbal remedies contain root and fruits extracts that help reduce acidity in the body hence relieving heartburn conditions. Some of the most commonly used and effective herbal remedies for acid reflux and heartburn include ginger roots, orange peels, Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

ginger root hurbsThese herbs are mainly alkaline, meaning they neutralize acidic solutions along the esophagus and in the stomach to provide relief. These are however used once the GERD effects set in only.

Since there is no cure for acid reflux, adopting all what has been discussed above can help you deal with the condition, and never have to worry about walking around with antacids.

As long as you can keep your body healthy by exercising and eating healthy, then GERD or even minor heart-burns will not catch up with you. Most of the sacrifice however comes when you have to fore-go some lifestyles and habits such as cigarette smoking, drinking or even taking a bite on your favorite pizza in the local restaurant. Nonetheless, it takes some sacrifice to stay healthy and have a healthy body.


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