What’s The Difference Between Acid Reflux, Heartburn, And GERD

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Heartburn, Acid Reflux, And GERD: Definition

Heart BurnA heartburn is a burning sensation/discomfort you feel in your throat when gastric juices splash back into the esophagus. Although commonly interchanged with acid reflux, heartburns are mild while acid reflux is much stronger.

Acid reflux occurs in an almost similar way as heartburn; only that acid reflux is more intense with lots of gastric juices and enzymes finding the way into the throat.

These enzymes and acid cause an intense burning sensation that makes it almost impossible for one to ingest anything.

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Stopping Use of Acid Reflux Medication Can Be Life Threatening

Esophageal Stricture

What Is Acid reflux?

Acid RefluxTo assist in digestion of food, the stomach has a strong acid known as hydrochloric acid which also protects it from attack by microbes such as bacteria.

When some of the acid moves to the gullet, one experiences some symptoms of acid reflux such as heartburn. This is also known as acid indigestion.

When this happens, one may have to rely on reflux medication. Continued use of this medication can lead to dependency and sudden discontinuation of the medication can lead to severe conditions that can be life threatening.

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Acid Reflux Is Taking Over My Life! How To Cure It?

Acid Reflux

Acid RefluxAcid reflux or heartburn is one of the most common health conditions in the U.S. as well as around the world. There are millions of people suffering from this condition across the globe.

The most common symptom of acid reflux is a burning sensation near the chest area. Because the way it occurs resemble a heart attack, most people mistake it for a heart attack too.

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A Guide To The Best Breakfast For Acid Reflux

Acid RefluxEating breakfast when suffering from acid reflux (heart burn) can be difficult for most sufferers. Many individuals that suffer from acid reflux can definitely recall of a time that they ate breakfast only to find out that it made their acid reflux much worse than before.

Indeed, certain foods have a tendency to cause heartburn to flare up, leading to some annoying and painful symptoms. Thus, lots of individuals that suffer from this condition have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to what they should do for breakfast.

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When Heartburn Hits – Is White Vinegar A Good Natural Remedy?

heartburnWhen heartburn persists and especially when it worsens, it can double you over making you feel as though you’re having a heart attack. While not all heartburn symptoms are that dramatic, chronic heartburn affects many people.

While there are medications for just about every ailment out there, people are often seeking out more natural remedies.There are of course many causes that lead to heartburn, and many of the natural solutions can also be used for prevention and not just as a remedy.

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