What Can Cause Acid Reflux


Acid RefluxFinding the causes of acid reflux can be a bit of a pain. A simple rundown of the most common causes may help you identify what is keeping you in pain. If you find yourself having any of the following habits, problems, or causes try eliminating them.

If you find upon elimination that your acid reflux has stopped or slowed you have found your problem.Since acid reflux concerns your stomach it makes sense that eating would be a cause.

Eating too much at once can upset the balance of your stomach and stimulating excess acid production.Likewise eating and then laying down can prevent your lower esophageal sphincter from closing properly and cause you to have heartburn.Treatment for both of these options is rather simple.

Make yourself smaller meals and eat them more often throughout the day.As little as a 30 minute break can make a difference when it comes to acid reflux. Instead of laying or sitting down after a meal try going for a walk. If you usually sit at your computer consider a standing desk to make this easier.Being overweight or obese can also cause acid reflux.This is because of the pressure put on your lower esophageal sphincter.

Trying to lose weight is never easy but a small reduction in weight might see you feeling a bit better. Try losing 5-10 pounds or just starting an exercise regimen as a treatment option.Eating even a small amount close to bedtime or bending over right after you eat can also cause your lower esophageal sphincter to not close correctly. Prevention for these is pretty self evident.

If you do find yourself hungry when you normally go to bed try and drink some water first to ensure you are actually hungry. If you do eat try and stay up a little bit later to prevent acid reflux.Certain spicy, fatty, and high in acid foods and drinks can cause excess acid production. Reducing your consumption of such food and drinks or pairing them with fresh fruits and vegetables may alleviate some of your pain.

Coffee Keep a food diary for a week to see what foods cause you the most pain.You can also try and reduce your consumption of coffee, alcohol, tea, tomato based food and drinks, and even mint to prevent acid reflux.

These are all high in acid already and can make your stomach rather upset with you. Keeping an antacid on hand for days you feel like you need them can make your life a bit more bearable and keep you happy the day after.

Smoking actually increases your chances of having acid reflux. Especially around meal times or when done while drinking. Reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke, quitting, or switching to an e-cigarette can all be options to aid in fighting your acid reflux.Being pregnant is one of the only ones on this list that doesn’t have a clean solution. Many women find that speaking with their doctor about symptom treatment can help them through their pregnancy.

Acid reflux caused by pregnancy does not often continue outside of pregnancy. This means there is a clear end in sight if this is your reflux cause.Taking pain relievers, muscle relaxers, or blood pressure medication can also cause acid reflux. This is because of the way that they interact with your stomach acid. If you are on an OTC medicine switching may help alleviate this pain.

doctorIf you are not on an OTC medication or find that switching your medications is not an option you will want to speak to your doctor. Because of drug interactions you do not want to just start taking a treatment alongside another medication without consulting your doctor first.

Your doctor may change your medication or give you a prescription acid reflux medication.While there are many things that can cause acid reflux the cures seem to be rather simple.

Exercise, good eating habits, drinking lots of water, and changing other habits can all help with prevention and letting you lead a better life. Questioning what you put into your body and keeping track of it can also help you understand what is causing your acid reflux.


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